Latest Tax Scam

Because the IRS continues to place pressures on tax thieves, the methods used by the criminals are evolving. One of the tactics used by the IRS for the last two years is to shorten the time for payers to issue W-2’s and 1099’s. This makes it harder for criminals to cook up fake information because the real information is already on file at the IRS. This situation is forcing cyber-criminals to get creative and use actual taxpayer information.

The latest scam involves crooks using real taxpayer information, e-filing a fraudulent tax return, with a refund going to the taxpayers’ real bank account. Then a woman posing as a debt collector contacts the taxpayers to inform them that a refund was deposited into their account in error, and can the taxpayer forward the money to her.

If you receive such a call do not talk with the criminal. Hang up. Check your bank account and if a deposit is there that does not belong, contact the IRS because you’re going to have to give it back. For the fraud part you can start here:

The bad guys have your identity and the next chore you have is to put a stop to that. Start here:

If you don’t want to go it alone, contact your licensed tax professional.

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