The IRS is holding onto $1 Billion in refunds for 2011

If you have not yet filed a 2011 tax return and you had taxes withheld from your paycheck, you need to file your 2011 tax return by April 15 of this year or you will loose that refund forever.

For more information on this topic visit$1-Billion-for-People-Who-Have-Not-Filed-a-2011-Federal-Income-Tax-Return

Do not let the IRS intimidate you. Every year I meet people who are anxious when the topic of the IRS comes up, and they tend to be afraid to file their tax returns because maybe they didn’t file one for the previous year? If that sounds like someone you know, and you haven’t heard from the IRS, it is because they owe you money and not the other way around. They already know who you are, and where you live, because they get a copy of your W-2 every year from your employer so don’t worry about that. They also know that that statute of limitations clock is ticking, so there is no reason for them to rush. We can help with that.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, call our offices today to make your appointment now because it’s busy time.


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