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Payroll Services in Dedham

Weiss & Associates, Inc. is the only accounting firm you need to trust in Dedham for your payroll needs. We can help you protect your business and your employees with our payroll expertise. There is no doubt about how important it is for your finances and your business to ensure your payroll is straightened out – so make sure you are getting yours done by the local expert.

Contact us to handle your payroll not only for the ease you will experience with us but also for our excellent prices. We have become known in Dedham as a local favorite because we will speak with our clients thoroughly about their payroll and offer suggestions to help your business continue upward.

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Focusing on Payroll, So You Don’t Have To

Payroll is a lot of work, it’s time-consuming, and it is much too important to cut corners. Bring your payroll needs to our office and watch as we take care of them for you.

To give you the best service we can, you’ll need to schedule an appointment with us. During the initial consultation period, we will discuss the extent of your business and what you need in terms of payroll services. We will use this time to make suggestions and ensure that you are in good standing regarding how you are paying your employees, how well they are covered in the event of unemployment, and where you stand with payroll taxes.

Complete Payroll Processing

Allow us to take care of your payroll from A-Z. If payroll feels like it is getting in the way of other things you need to focus on every week, we want to help you out. When your payroll is in our hands, you’ll see soon enough that you hired the right accountant. With us, you can expect:

  • Correct, and timely payment every week
  • Direct deposit or sealed cheques are available
  • Easy-to-read payroll reports
  • Next day payroll if necessary
  • Telephone, fax, electronic timesheet options
  • Pay-by-pay workers’ comp.

Payroll Tax Help

Beyond simply overseeing and running the payroll for your business, we will help you sort out your payroll taxes. As tax experts, this is no problem for us, and we will make sure your business stays straight and narrow.

Avoid late fees when you depend on our on-time tax payments. We will ensure all local, state, and federal taxes, withholdings, or potential deductions are considered before submission. Why? Because it keeps you legally compliant and keeps your employees protected. Allow us to help you figure out what you should pay your employees and how profitable your business is.

Find out all this and more about employee payroll by giving us a call.

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We are always available to talk payroll with you. As a business, we believe that you shouldn’t have to worry about payroll when we are just around the corner. We’ve been proudly serving Dedham for years, and in our time, we have developed a reputation for excellence among our clients, and we want to show you how we intend on keeping it.

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