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Tony owed the IRS $612,198. Our company protected Tony’s rights, and represented him at IRS collections interviews. In the end Tony did not have to repay the old debts of a long-gone business. “Weiss & Associates handled my IRS case with the utmost professionalism. Throughout the process Andy and Elena were accessible and knowledgeable of what was needed and relieved much stress on my part.

Tony - Ft.Myers, FL

I owed the IRS about $49,000. I couldn’t repay it all. Weiss & Associates helped me with an Offer and Compromise. My offer was $5,300, and the guys stuck with me for over a year until my offer was accepted.

R. - Boston,Ma

They took on the IRS when that agency tried to penalize us $8,580, and we ended up not having to pay a cent of the penalty. Weiss & Associates, Inc. is a very personal firm to where I have always been able to reach them in whatever I perceived to be an emergency, even if they were out of town.

Chuck - Naples,FL

I needed help having an IRS tax lien removed. Weiss & Associates understood the processes. They got on it, and stayed on it, until it was taken care of.

Tom - NH

We had been underserviced by two previous accounting firms and were in need of professional representation that could guide us through not only a complicated accounting mess, but also an IRS Foreign Investor Tax Withholding nightmare. Robert, Joe and Andy were relentless in resolving a situation where the IRS lost a $20,588 refund which was owed to three of my foreign investor partners. They were able to get it returned with interest.

C.W. - Naples, FL

I was behind 3 years in filing my tax returns and was afraid to do anything because I’d been in trouble with the IRS before. Weiss & Associates worked with me to get caught up. Their knowledge about my trade, and the kind of problems us small business’ have, really helped me out. I’d recommend these guys.

D.S. -Naples, FL

My business fell behind one year, and each year I got farther and farther behind in my taxes until I owed the IRS over $50,000. Because I work for myself, and my business is reported on the schedule C, my wife got dragged into this mess. We couldn’t pay the monthly amount the IRS wanted. Weiss & Associates worked very hard to get us a good deal in repaying the IRS and it was affordable. I can not thank them enough.

Mr. & Mrs.H - Boston,MA

Andrew, you and your company have been more than gracious and I truly appreciate all you have done for me. You have lifted a burden that weighed heavily on all aspects of my life.

Nancy -Naples, FL

I have a dual citizenship between the US and UK, and live in the UK. When I sold my Florida Condo the IRS withheld $69,000 even though I lost money on the sale. When I filed my tax return to get my money back there was something wrong with the paperwork and things just got worse after that. Andy kept working on my case, and after getting help from the Taxpayer Advocate I finally got my refund. I would recommend Weiss & Associates because they are true to their word and make sure the job gets done.

Patricia - Unites Kingdom

I had the good fortune to meet Robert, Andy and the team at Weiss & Associates a number of years ago in the midst of a series of overwhelming challenges with my taxes. These challenges included both corporate and personal issues on both the federal and state levels and they were all complex and difficult. They were not the first accounting team I had worked with as I tried to resolve these matters, but they certainly were the best! Despite numerous “bumps in the road” they stuck with me until each and every matter was put to rest. Where other accountants “threw up their hands,” Robert and Andy remained diligent and determined and got me to where I needed to be. They literally gave me my life back and will FOREVER be my tax & accounting team (and better yet my friends)!!!

Jim B - Boston, MA

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